We offer a wide range of treatments to facilitate your recovery by qualified personnel.

Sports/Remedial Massage 

Massage utilises manipulation of the tissue layers to reduce tension and stiffness within the body. We offer massaging to tendon injuries to help reduce tension and scarring.

Dry Needling/ Cupping 

Dry needling is a technique used for the treatment of pain and to aid movement. Cupping is an alternative medicine, the aim of this is to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and encourage relaxation.

Spinal Manipulation & Mobilisation

Passive movements on skeletal joints to restore and improve joint stiffness and pain.

Myofascial Release

Massage is used to manipulate the fascia surrounding muscles. This tissue layer can tighten when there is damage to the muscle structure.

Electrotherapy Treatment


Ultrasound stimulates superficial and deep tissue layers using a high frequency wave. This treatment is beneficial for tension within muscles, ligaments and tendons and also in the healing of muscle damage.

Muscle Stimulation 

Muscle Stimulation is advantageous to facilitate and improve muscle performance and recovery.